If Barbie was an actual woman, she would be 5’9” tall, have a 39” bust, an 18” waist, 33” hips and a size 3 shoe.

• Barbie calls this a “full figure” and likes her weight at 110 lbs.

• At 5’9” tall and weighing 110 lbs, Barbie would have a BMI of 16.24 and fit the weight criteria for anorexia. She likely would not menstruate.

• If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have to walk on all fours due to her proportions.

 • Slumber Party Barbie was introduced in 1965 and came with a bathroom scale permanently set at 110 lbs with a book entitled “How to Lose Weight” with directions inside stating simply “Don’t eat.”

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I’ve reblogged this a million times and will ALWAYS reblog it.  She is so beautiful…It’s a great message.

I always reblog this when I see it on my dash.

If Barbie was a real woman….”

well she’s not so stop passing off your insecurities on a fucking doll

if your kid is more influenced by a hunk of plastic than you then you’ve already fucked up as a parent and you might have to start saving money for a child psychologist (and maybe better parents) 

I love how all these posts ignore the fact that Barbie has taught millions of girls that they can be anything they want to be. When I was a kid I didn’t care how Barbie looked, only that I could be a vet, or an artist, or a model, or a doctor, or a soldier, or a spy, or a fucking president.

If all you focus on is her body, you are missing they point of Barbie. The point of Barbie is in the slogan itself, “Be who you want to be.” That’s the message.

That’s the message you should teach your kids instead of telling them she’s too skinny or too big breasted, because that just show how much you don’t care about the potential only the physical attributes. It means you’re shallow and that attitude will damage your kid more than a Barbie in a pink dress with a stethoscope and white coat.

Real men love real women

Real mean love whoever the fuck they want. But that’s not even the point to this post at all, it’s to get past pissing on barbie strictly due to her appearance and appreciate her being used to teach little girls to follow their dreams.

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How to spot a fake geek guy:

  • says robin is useless
  • says aquaman is useless
  • worships batman bc batman is invincible
  • doesn’t “understand” superman because he’s not relatable or interesting
  • makes “hero vs hero” posts
  • probably smells like axe

Also likes New 52 Starfire more than original recipe, and is only happy Barbara Gordon is out of the chair because he thinks Batgirl is hot and least Babs is legal.

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Let’s kill this bastard.

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She smiled, the smile of an innocent girl who has woken on a spring morning. “Ruling the world will not be easy. Not will maintaining order among those of the Sisterhood who have survived into this degenerate age. I will need someone to be eyes and ears, to administer justice, to attend to things when I am otherwise engaged. I will stay at the centre of the web. You will not rule with me, but beneath me, but you will be rule, and rule continents, and not just a tiny kingdom.” She reached out a hand and stroked the queen’s pale skin, which, in the dim light of that room, seemed almost as white as snow.

The queen said nothing.

"Love me," said the girl. "All will love me, and you, who woke me, you must love me most of all."

The Sleeper and the Spindle || Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell (2014)

I suppose this should come with a SPOILER warning. But it’s still beautiful…

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steve rogers + cards against humanity (insp.)

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How Memorizing "$19.05" Can Help You Outsmart the MTA


We’ve all been there. The train is coming into the station, and you grab your MetroCard and quickly try and swipe it at a turnstile.

"Please Swipe Again". "Please Swipe Again". "Insufficient Fare".

The last two words are killer. You think to yourself “I swear I had a balance on this card”….

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I am crying I love this too much

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  • Question: Hi Mr. Gaiman (Mr. Neil Gaiman? Mr. Neil? There needs to be an etiquette book for addressing your favorite author online). I'm a self-published author on Amazon, and I got an email from them regarding the conflict with Hachette this morning, trying to persuade us to write in support of Amazon. Thought it might interest you to see what the enemy is saying. I put it on my tumblr if you'd like to take a look--its the most recent post. Hope it helps! -HK - hannahkollef
  • Answer:


    I don’t see an enemy. I see two huge multinational corporations having a fight over contracts and terms, and authors staring up at them from ground level. It’s like Godzilla battling Gamera, and we’re looking up from the sidewalks of New York rather worried that a skyscraper might topple on us. I liked Chuck Wendig’s summary and commentary at

    I’m a Hachette Author in the UK. My wife’s a Hachette Author now, and she has a big book coming out in November, which you cannot pre-order through Amazon. Which sucks. I don’t regard Amazon as the enemy, any more than I regarded Barnes and Noble as the enemy when they had a dispute with DC Comics and stopped selling the hundred top DC Comics Graphic Novels in their stores (which included 17 books by me, including all Sandman).

    But this seems like a good time to remind people about other places to buy books. Like you could preorder THE ART OF ASKING from Powells at

    Or you could use to find the Indie Bookshop nearest you to get your copy of THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE, if you haven’t yet read it.

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Another leaked photo of a topless celebrity!  Have you no shame,  internet?!

Another leaked photo of a topless celebrity! Have you no shame, internet?!

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In New York, this would be met with a likely frightened and potentially armed response. Because it’s right after you calm down from this that the C.H.U.D. grabs you.

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